AquaForte Solar Heater (Premium)

Rs. 210,000.00

Extend your swimming-pool season. Heat your water with solar energy. Reduces heating costs. Works with every type of pool pump. Easy to install. You can combine more than one solar pump to increase the capacity.


  • Internal and external dome: UV-resistant polycarbonate
  • Bottom plate: fibre-glass reinforced polypropylene
  • Hose: UV-resistant polypropylene mixed with black carbon
  • Conduction of solar radiation: 95 %
  • Parabola reflection (Premium model): high-quality and long-lasting reflection material
  • Capacity: 1 Premium Soar Heating is able to warm a swimming-pool of up to 6-8 m³ (results depend on the sun intensity)
  • Heating power: + 30.000Btu/day
  • Connection 38mm
  • Max. pressure: 3 bar

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In winter your pond can freeze. This makes your fish more susceptible to diseases. You can therefore choose to heat your pond using a heat pump. A heat pump ensures a completely ice-free pond and a better temperature for the fish. In addition, with a heat pump you can easily extend the swimming season of your pond!

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Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 81 × 81 × 43 cm

Premium (with reflection parabola)


9 Liters