AquaForte Tornado III Protein Skimmer

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Back on the road! Renewed model with ball valve for flow control and special new biorings for even better mix of oxygen. Thanks to the ball valve it is much easier to adjust the correct water level. Through a 4mm air connection and supplied flowmeter an air pump continuously pumps 0,5l/m (30l/h) air into the filter. This pressure ensures that the foam is pushed out of the filter through the foam outlet tube.


  • Stabilizes pH
  • Removes colorants
  • Increases dissolved oxygen
  • Not dependent on bacteria, works as soon as the pump is running

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The protein skimmer is a combination of a biological, mechanical and chemical filter. The principle works as follows: the surface of an air bubble attracts substances dissolved in water. Due to the attraction of air bubbles, chemicals, dirt particles, dyes and algae are concentrated. Air is mixed with water by means of an air pump. By forcing this mixture through the filter material (biorings) to a lower outlet, a very long contact time between water and air is created. This changes the surface tension of the water continuously and creates a firm foam. This foam is separated from the purified water by a perforated cone and discharged. Substances dissolved in the water such as phosphates, ammonia, Humic acids, dyes, proteins and a number of heavy metals are filtered out of the water and discharged by means of the foam.

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Tornado III

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