Dimilin Powder

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Diflubenzuron works by interfering with the development of the new chitin exoskeleton, so the parasitic larvae continues to feed and develop normally until they shed their old exoskeleton. They die because the new exoskeleton is not properly formed.

Effective against Lernaea (Anchor Worm), Ergasilus (Gill Maggots) and Argulus (Fish Lice)

Dimilin is not toxic towards the bacteria in the biological filter.

1gram per ton of pond water (1000 L)

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A product by Arysta LifeScience, Japan


Dimilin powder @ 1gram per ton of pond water (1000 L)

  • Measure out quantity required and mix in a plastic bucket with pond water ensuring that the powder is dissolved then add to the pond.
  • Repeat after 5 days.

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