Filtreau Drum Filter

Rs. 450,000.00

This is a ‘Plug and Play unit which includes an EU standard UV Lamp that produces high UV-C radiation, with a wavelength of precisely 253.7nm which is the exact wavelength required for aquaculture/ponds to eliminate algae and bacteria. Further, the device provides ample warning when the UV-C lamp is no longer producing enough radiation and therefore needs to be replaced. Additionally, the unit includes a high-quality Rinse Pump, Drum motor, Gear Box, and Power Control unit.


  • Made in The Netherlands.
  • LED indication when the lamp needs replacing.
  • Amalgam UV-C lamp incl. long-life technology.
  • 12.000 Hours.
  • Perfectly matched electronic ballast and UV-C lamp.
  • Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects. The UV Bulb, Glass Sleeve, and Drum Sieve are not covered by any warranty.
  • Completely automatic control.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • No pressure loss, in contrast to the ‘Sand filters’.
  • Very small pumps are required, and no pressure pumps are needed anymore.
  • Extra safety switch, when the water level is too low it switches to ‘Safety-mode’.
  • Max. flow 20 m3/h. Gravity Fed
    Max. flow 15 m3/h Pump Fed
  • Screen filter standard/high flow various sizes available.

Additional information


Ponds up to 25,000L

Flow rate

20,000 L/H (Max) Gravity Fed
15,000 L/H (Max) Pump Fed


PA, Stainless Steel / 316, FPM Seal, High Pressure PVC

Screen Panel

70 Micron Stainless Steel 316


2 Years