Hel-X Biocarrier Filter Media

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High Performance Bio Carriers

Hel-X biocarrier are specially developed for use in biofilm processes. They are used successfully around the world in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, aquaculture / aquaponics, and ornamental fish farming as growth bodies or fillers. You will also work in numerous other areas of process engineering as fillers in mass transfer processes.

The Hel-X Flake is a further development. The extremely large specific surface of this product results from the porosity of the material.

All Hel-X products are manufactured in Germany according to our quality and environmental standards.

The name Hel-X characterizes the circumferential spiral or helix, a product property that ensures high mechanical stability with at the same time very good flow and a high specific growth area. The biofilm is optimally supplied with oxygen and nutrients.


  • Maintenance-free, self-cleaning filter medium in a moving bed system.
  • Uniform distribution of aquaponic or pond water through the entire filter medium.
  • Neutral floating behavior.
  • Large surface for settlement of micro-organisms.
  • The protected surface area is significantly larger than that offered by comparable bio-mediums.
  • Removes ammonia NH3/ammonium NH4 and nitrite NO2 (nitrification).
  • Also suitable for existing filters with moving bed technology.
  • Made in Germany.

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