Lava Rock

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Lava Rock is a common name for rocks formed by a volcanic eruption, it is also referred to as Volcanic Rock. When super-heated magma (lava) is released, it rapidly cools off and hardens. This rapid cooling results in the rock becoming highly porous (having holes) and a low density (light weight).

The high porosity (having millions of fine holes) makes Lava Rock a very good Biological Media. Lava Rock is commonly available in two types: the Red Lava Rock and Black Lava Rock. The size can vary from small granules to large stones.

Due to the large number of pores (holes) and some being deep like tunnels, it is speculated that in the deeper pores, anaerobic bacteria develop due the lack of oxygen and that these anaerobic bacteria start Denitrification – the process of removing the Nitrates. This is considered an outstanding benefit of Lava Rock.

Lava Rock, in any size, is absolutely safe to use in Filtration (Biological Media) and Aquascaping.

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