Rs. 300.00 (1g)

IMPORTANT Switch Off all UV Lights, Ozone Units, Remove Activated Carbon during treatment. Bypass Biological Filter for 2 days post-treatment
UNSAFE Masoten will kill all bacteria in the Biological Filter
  • Do not use below 18 deg C (fish cannot metabolize/excrete it fast enough)
  • Do not use above 28 deg C (uptake rate is too high)
  • Follow-up treatment a week later.
  • Can be used it with salt on koi. The combination of Mesoten and salt (3kg/1000liter) is a very good “first treatment” after fish harvest.
  • Once opened store in a dark, airtight container. Do not use it when it old (it loses it’s bluish tinge)
  • Degrades quite quickly in pond conditions. Bad thing is it will cause disorientation and nervous disorder in if used incorrectly. A typical symptom in koi is a bent spine and nervous, wip-like swimming. The fish may recover over a period of a year or two, but no guarantee.
  • Caution: do not inhale dust or handle with bare hands. Wash hands after use. Keep well out of reach of children.


Organophosphates, work by interfering with the nervous system of Parasites and thus affect vital physiological processes



NAME Masoten
ACTIVE INGREDIENT Organophosphates trichlorfon
TREATMENT FOR Most Parasites, specifically Gill & Body Flukes, Gill Maggots


One gram (1) Masoten 1,000 Litres Water
Soft Water Half (1/2) gram 1,000 Litres Water
Three (3) Kgs Pond Salt 1,000 Litres Water
Follow up treatment Repeat Masoted Only (No Pond Salt) after one week