Sheet Matala Black

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Low Density Black Matala Full Sheet

The Black Matala can be used as a support grate for other layers of media due to its very sturdy and open design. The Black Matala is used widely as a large particle size solids filter. A single layer 1.5 inch thick can filter out things like leaves, large clumps of algae, cigarette butts, seed pods, etc. However, if you use multiple layers it can really filter out some smaller particles like medium size koi pellets, small bits of algae, tiny leaves and plant debris, etc.

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  • Helps keep your pond clean.
  • Provides a home for beneficial bacteria that are needed to keep your pond, fish and plants healthy.
  • Revelutionary Non-Clogging Design – Matala Filter Media will not clog when correctly used.
  • Super easy to clean – simply shake off debris and rinse filter sheets (preferably pond water so not to destroy the beneficial bacteria).
  • Durable and effective biological filter media.
  • Customisable – can be cut to suit your filter or any other application.
  • Helps control nutrient levels – the beneficial bacteria that grow in this media help to consume organic materials that may otherwise inflate nutrient levels outside of ideal limits.
  • Can be used as plant growing media – perfect for use in aquaponics or hydroponics.
  • Can be used as a spawning mat or provide protection for fish fry.

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