Nishikigoi LK started as an informal chat in February 2021, among some friends with a shared interest in Koi Carp.

We were disheartened that the hobby of Koi Keeping was not developing and growing due to the unavailability of quality dry products, food, and medicine. What was available was at most times, of questionable quality and was extremely overpriced. Furthermore, advanced equipment, based on new technology was unavailable, with most suppliers importing in mass outdated and low quality products. We started looking internationally for products and equipment for our own use.

Our efforts paid off when we contacted Wimaca B.V., the Netherlands, for their range of ‘Filtreau’ Drum Filters. At this point we must mention our gratitude to Mr. Giome Knibbler of Wimaca B.V., for giving us tremendous support, and convincing us to buy a few extra Filtreau Drum Filters, to try and sell it in Sri Lanka. This was a success and gave us the confidence to start Nishikigoi LK.

We realised that we could help all hobbyist in Sri Lanka, by making available top-quality equipment and dry goods at very affordable prices. At Nishikigoi LK we focus on quality, reliability, and extremely fair pricing and unmatched after sales service that will ensure our customers are never let down or their fish are put at risk.

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