Nishikigoi LK is a shop dedicated to supplying all the needs of a fish keeper. We have many products that are suitable for both tanks, and ponds. Our larger systems can even be used by Fish Farmers. Some of the world’s leading brands have partnered with us to make available their products in Sri Lanka.

We offer a range of equipment and consumables at extremely affordable prices for the Sri Lankan Hobbyist. Filtreau – Drum Filter Systems from the Netherlands, Hiblow – Heavy Duty Air Pumps from Japan, Matala – The No. 01 Matting in the USA, Hel-X – The No. 01 Biological Media in Europe from Germany, AquaForte – A diverse array of equipment from the Netherlands.

We also carry spare parts for all the equipment sold by us, and will provide you with an outstanding after sales service, to ensure you never face a crisis with your pond / tank and fish. You are welcome to talk to us, to discuss any unique solution you need for your tank or pond. We can offer you advice, as well as equipment, from the stage of Pond Building designs, to caring, feeding and medicating your Koi.

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