Fiber Tub

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Introducing Fiberglass Tub, made to the high standards that is expected from Nishikigoi LK.
Made of high-quality fiberglass, with excellent workmanship, made in Sri Lanka. The ‘Measuring Sticker’ is waterproof and non-fade quality.

Now we offer you two sizes, the Standard 116cm (294 Ltrs) and the new Small tub which is 81cm (132 Ltrs). Both these sizes come with a new feature of a ‘Drain Plug’. Once your done, no hauling buckets of water or physically tipping the tub to empty it – just open the drain plug.

A ’MUST HAVE’ for;
• Arowana and Monster Fish Keepers.
• An Emergency Hospital or Quarantine Tub.
• A simple ‘Fish Holding’ tub when you clean your aquarium.
It can simply be a kiddie’s pool or doggies pool!!

Small Measuring Tub Size – 32 x 21 x 12 – 132 liters
Large Measuring Tub Size – 46 x 30 x 13 – 294 liters

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