SUNSUN JDP-10000Q (Wi-Fi)

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  • The layout of multi-function intelligent control can adjust flow and power.
  • The water pump uses the latest three-phase power with brushless and sensorless control technology, which can save energy up to 50%.
  • Low-voltage 24V, safe and converse electricity.
  • Using closed impeller design can be economically efficient to improve lift and output.
  • Super silence, and it can be used both in fresh and sea water.
  • It adopts ceramic shaft, which is hard-wearingand rustless.
  • Long service life, no copper element.
  • The outlet realizes multistage over, which is suitable for a variety of pipe diameter connection.
  • Separation of electric drive is more safe and stable.
  • Thelocked-rotor protection function(immediately cut off power after impeller jammed.)

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The following information may serve you as a guideline:

Koi pond / Fish pond:

  • 1 cycle per 3 hours
  • 2 circulations in 1 hour (without plantings and with large fish population)

Garden pond / Plant pond:
Regarding a pond without fish, there is less circulation necessary. One circulation in a day can be taken as a guideline in order to enrich the pond water with oxygen and to keep the water in constant movement.

Swim pond:
In this case the circulation cycle is highly dependent on the planting and the individual claim.
The upper limit is to be made at 1 x in 2-3 hours, the lower limit at “no circulation”.

Cleaning of the pond pumps:
In order to ensure a proper function of the pond pumps it is indispensable to clean them regularly.

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Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 19.5 × 9.5 × 12.5 cm



DC 24V







Hose adapter


Cable length



195×95×125mm (L×W×H)