Our Story

in February 2021 three koi enthusiasts were having a chat over a cup of tea. The conversation was on how they could purchase Drum Filters by importing three units, as there were no sellers or suppliers who stocked equipment for ponds in Sri Lanka.

We bought our first lot of Drum Filters, from Wimaca B.V., the Netherlands, manufactures of the Filtreau. When ordering three identical Drum Filters, it was Wimaca B.V. that encouraged us to order a few more filters and look at possible opportunities of selling Filtreau products in Sri Lanka. We did so, and it was successful – this was the beginning of our ‘Online Store’ Nishikigoi LK.

We focused on quality products and retailing the same at extremely affordable prices. We eventually built up a loyal customer base and with business picking up, we had plans to diversify and expand Nishikigoi LK. The Financial Crisis of 2022 in Sri Lanka, left us with no choice, but sell and liquidate our stocks, and consider winding down and closing the business.

But we did not give up, we hung on and managed to come back stronger in 2023, and we hope to move from strength to strength. We are no longer only an ‘Online Sales’ business. In January 2024 we opened our first sales outlet in Rajagiriya (Colombo, Sri Lanka).

Our Vision and mission

Our Mission

Our Mission is to develop the Hobby of Fish Keeping in Sri Lanka.

Our vision

Our vision is to see Sri Lanka become one of the top countries in the Ornamental Fish Trade and Hobby, with Nishikigoi LK playing and active part towards that achievement.


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