Green Zeolite

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Water Treatment
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NAME Green Zeolite
ACTIVE INGREDIENT Hydrated Aluminosilicate 
USED FOR Removal of Ammonia (NH₃) from Tank or Pond water


Green Zeolite (5~30mm) is a natural mineral that has an unique property of having  'micro pores'. Correctly known as a “molecular sieve”. In simple terms, it can be thought of millions of tiny holes.These micro pores have the ability to absorb different molecules. More specifically, in the case of Tank or Pond water, removal of Ammonia (NH3) molecules.

When Zeolite is placed in a Tank or Pond, it will immediately start to adsorb the ammonia ions in the water. Millions of Amoina Ions get stored within the Micro Pores, correctly Molecular Sieve within Zeolite. Once the Molecular Sieve is full of Ammonia Ions, the Zeolite is 'saturated' and seizes to absorb anymore Ammonia Ions and should be removed.

Saturate Zeolite can be 'recharged' by placing it in water with Pond Salt which is Sodium Chloride (NaCl). Here what happens is that the Sodium Ions in the Pond Salt, force the Ammonia Ion out of the Molecular Sieve in Zeilite, 'recharging' it. 

Zeolite can be used this way upto 4-5 years with no drop in performance

WHEN TO USE ZEOLITE Controlling and removing unexpected  Ammonia spikes

When a new biological filter is maturing, and Ammonia is not being removed

For Hospital Tanks or Ponds, that have no Biological Filter


HOW TO USE ZEOLITE Rinse clean the powder on new Zeolite

Divide the Zeolite equally and place in Filter Bags

Test Ammonia, prior to placing the Zeolite in the Tank or Pond

Place half the quantity of Zeolite in the last chamber of the filter, or anywhere in the tank or pond that has a strong flow of water

The Zeolite will immediately start absorbing the Ammonia into its pores

Test water for Ammonia (NH3) at fixed time intervals, when Ammonia removal slows down, the Zeilite is getting saturated and needs to be 'recharged'

Remove and recharge saturated Zeolite, put the other half part, into the same area of the Tank or Pond


RECHARGING ZEOLITE Prepare a bucket of water with a Pond Salt (Sodium Chloride) at 100g per Litre of water

Place the saturated Zeolite in it, for a few hours.

Once the Zeolite is recharged, rinse the salt water off and re-use.


Zeolite is only a method for removing ammonia unexpected ammonia, it is not a substitute for a functioning biological filter.
If it is intended to use Pond Salt, or if Pond Salt has been used in the Tank or Pond, do not use Zeolite
It is recommended to not use Zeolite as a filter medium
Zeolite should not be used in Salt / Marine Water tanks


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