Japanese Yellow Powder (Elbajo)

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Anti Septic/Anti Bacteria Agent.

Japanese Yellow Powder is a special fish treatment product from Japan that helps to restore inactive fish to a lively state. It helps wounded fish to recover faster, makes laggard fish active, and promotes fish’s ability to eat and grow healthy.

50g Packs
1-3g per 1000 /L Water

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For Koi stomach or intestine inflammation or Perciformes

  • Mix 10g of ELBAJO well with adequate amount of Freshwater.
  • Spray to 1 kg Pellet Feeds and let dry in room temperature and coat feed with binder such as fish or squid oil.
  • Feed it to your koi fish for 7 days.

For fish bath treatment due to external infection and wounds

  • Use 1g~3g ELBAJO with salt 0.6% for 1000 liters of water.
  • Put fish into solution for 2 hours or more.
  • Maintain good oxygen level by using air pump.

For in pond fish bath treatment when fish show discomfort but has no particular symptom

  • Use 1g ELBAJO with salt 0.3% for 1000 liters of water.
  • Safe for Biological Filter
  • Do a water change in 4 days, can redose if needed

For live fish transportation

  • Mix 1g-2g of ELBAJO with 500 liters of Freshwater.
  • This is to prevent fishes from getting infection during ‘catch and scratch’ handling process.

Avoid hot sun light while treating

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Sodium Nifrustyrenate 100mg/g

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