Pond Salt

Rs. 750.00Rs. 1,400.00 (5kg)

The Pond Salt (Sodium Chloride) is uniodised and double washed, giving you a very clean product that can be used directly in your tank or pond.

Sodium Chloride or NaCl as per the chemical description, is a very important additive to the water of your tank or pond. Some fish keepers like to maintain a mild concentration (0.1-0.15%) of Sodium Chloride in the water permanently while others use it for specific reasons.


Usages of Salt can be categorised as;

  • Preventive – Preventing your fish from being stressed with a dosage of 0.1-015%
  • Therapeutic – Used when new fish are being introduced or when a peracetic condition is suspected, use a dosage of up to 0.3%
  • Medicative – When a known disease or parasite is being treated and the usage of salt is recommended, using a dosage of up to 0.6%
  • 0.1% Salt = 1kg Salt to 1,000 Ltrs Water (1g to 1 Ltr)
  • 0.3% Salt = 3kg Salt to 1,000 Ltrs Water (3g to 1 Ltr)
  • 0.6% Salt = 6kg Salt to 1,000 Ltrs Water (6g to 1 Ltr)

Salt is a very important product to have as stand-by due to the multiple uses it has in fish keeping.

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