Canister Filter

Like a box filter, but cylindrical (some are cube shaped) in shape. Most canister filters are pressurised closed vessels. Inside, there are a series of baskets which water flows through. Canister Filters are sold, complete with mechanical and biological media, some have a UV Light. Most Canister Filters have an inbuilt water pump as well.

Canister Filters have a maximum flowrate stipulated; however, we do not recommend a Canister Filter for Tanks / Ponds with Goldfish or Carp as the amount of waste excreted is too much for a Canister Filter to cope with.

All Filters have a maximum flow rate stipulated.

හොඳම විකුණුම්
හොඳම විකුණුම්
අකාරාදී පිළිවෙලට, AZ
අකාරාදී පිළිවෙලට, ZA
මිල, අඩු සිට ඉහළ දක්වා
මිල, ඉහළ සිට අඩු
දිනය, පැරණි සිට අලුත්
දිනය, අලුත් සිට පැරණි දක්වා
පෙන්වන්න: 20
පෙන්වන්න: 16
පෙන්වන්න: 24
පෙන්වන්න: 32


Canister Filters Sunsun XWA Series

Canister Filters Sunsun XWA Series    Model Filter Basket Water pump power UV lamp power Max lift Maximum flow Size XWA-600-3 3Floor 10W / 1.0m 500L/h 205x205x294 XWA-600-5 5Floor 10W...
Rs 15,000.00
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