Water Treatment

හොඳම විකුණුම්
හොඳම විකුණුම්
අකාරාදී පිළිවෙලට, AZ
අකාරාදී පිළිවෙලට, ZA
මිල, අඩු සිට ඉහළ දක්වා
මිල, ඉහළ සිට අඩු
දිනය, පැරණි සිට අලුත්
දිනය, අලුත් සිට පැරණි දක්වා
පෙන්වන්න: 20
පෙන්වන්න: 16
පෙන්වන්න: 24
පෙන්වන්න: 32

Water Treatment


POND SALT NAME Pond Salt ACTIVE INGREDIENT Sodium Chloride (NaCl) USED FOR Pond Salt is widely used among Fish Keepers as a Medicinal and Water Conditioner   HOW TO USE...
Rs 750.00

Water Treatment

Green Zeolite

NAME Green Zeolite ACTIVE INGREDIENT Hydrated Aluminosilicate  USED FOR Removal of Ammonia (NH₃) from Tank or Pond water   Green Zeolite (5~30mm) is a natural mineral that has an unique...
Rs 900.00


Oyster Shell

NAME Oyster Shell ACTIVE INGREDIENT Calcium Carbonate (CaCO₃.) app. 95% USED FOR Buffering pH - Preventing pH crashes Maintaining KH (Calcium Hardness) of Water   DOSAGE One (1) kg 1,000...
Rs 600.00

Water Treatment

Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)

NAME Sodium Bicarbonate ACTIVE INGREDIENT (NaHCO₃) USED FOR Increasing pH by increasing KH (Alkalinity)    Sudden pH crashes are every aquarist's nightmare. There are numerous reasons for pH crashing, and...
Rs 750.00

Water Treatment

Anti Chlorine - Sodium Thiosulfate

NAME Anti Chlorine - Sodium Thiosulfate ACTIVE INGREDIENT Hydrated Aluminosilicate (Na₂S₂O₃) USED FOR Neutralising Chlorinated Water - Town Supply / Tap Water   Chlorinated water is major cause of fish...
Rs 900.00
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