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Despite a pond having a filter system, or not having one, over time, a layer of 'mulm' accumulates on the bottom of the pond, Removing this mulm and keeping the pond bottom clean is no easy task! The only way to remove the mulm in its entirety, is by doing a total clean up i.e. empty and refill the pond.  

The high quality and energy efficient German 1.5 HP motor we use,  has the suction power of a 2 HP. The auto fill and drain cycles allows' for water to fill the 'holding tank', then simply discharge water into the garden or storm water drain, when full. The on/off cycle is approximately 50 seconds vacuum and 25 seconds drain out. During the vacuum cycle the holding tank fills with dirty water. Once it is full the motor will turn off automatically. The dirty water will start to drain out. When it is empty, it turns itself back on automatically and continues to vacuum. Use the optional mesh bag to capture coarse debris.

Do not return any dirty water to the pond!

Useful Tips:

The Matala Pond Vacuum II Plus is perfect for hobbyist ponds up to 15,000 Litres, with a maximum depth of 6' feet.

Open 'the Yellow Ring on the Handle for extended suction time. Close for increased suction power.

Place vacuum 'holding tank' on a higher elevation than the drain out hose

Use smallest vacuum head possible, in  order to prolong the suction time

Periodically check the flapper valve on end of drain hose for obstructions and good movement.

 Holding Tank Capacity 25 Litres
5 Tube Extensions of 15" each 6' ft
Length - Suction Hose 16' ft.
Length - Discharge Hose 8' ft.
Length - Power Cord 16' ft.
Dimensions Length x Width x Height  13.8" x 13.8" x 22"
Weight (approx) when empty  12.5 kgs

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