JDP Series DC Frequency Variation Pump

Rs 13,000.00
water pump
පැතුම් ලැයිස්තුවට එක් කරන්න
සංසන්දනය කිරීමට එකතු කරන්න
මෙම නිෂ්පාදනය ගැන විමසන්න

ප්රශ්නයක් අහන්න

The Sunsun JDP Series 

Technical Specifications
Sunsun JDP 1000 JDP 1500 JDP 2000
Maximum Output 1,000 L/h 1,500 L/h  2,000 L/h
Power 12 W 18 W 24 W
Head 2.2 Meters 2.7 Meters 3.2 Meters

Hose Adaptor - 12/16/20mm

Dimensions L×W×H - 140×61×84mm
Oerating Voltage 24 V (230V 50Hz - Sri Lanka)
 Manufactured by Sensen Group Co., Ltd.(China)


Sunsun  JDP 3500 JDP 6000 JDP 10000 JDP 18000
Output 2300L/h~3500L/h 3000L/h~6000L/h 6000L/h~10000L/h 6000L/h~10000L/h
Power 10W~30W 13W~60W 20W~100W 40W~160W
Head 1.7m~3.5m
1.6m~5.0m 2.2m~5.8m 2.8m~6.8m
Dimensions L×W×H 155×72×97mm 175×83×113mm 195×95×125mm 230×120×150mm

Hose Adapter

20/25/32mm 20/25/32/38/50mm
Oerating Voltage 24 V (230V 50Hz - Sri Lanka)
Manufactured by Sensen Group Co., Ltd.(China)


  • The layout of the multi-function, intelligent controller, can adjust flow rate and power consumption  
  • The pump motor coil is of high grade copper and uses the latest brushless and sensorless control technology, which can save energy up to 50%.
  • Low-voltage - 24V
  • Using closed impeller design can be economically efficient to improve lift and output.
  • Silent running, les than 30 dB
  • Can be used both in fresh and sea water.
  • The ceramic shaft, ensures a long service life with no rust
  • The multiple adaptors of different diameters for outlet
  • The ‘Rotor Locked’ function protects pump by immediately cutting off power, when the impeller gets jammed


    Routine Maintenance of your Sunsun Water Pump, ensures that you will have years of trouble free service. Failure to so will lead to higher energy consumption with lower output and worst case scenario is that your pump will prematurely fail.

    01. Remove your pump into parts, and wash well. Use soap or as appropriate to remove all the grime and built-up calcium deposits

    02. Pay special attention to the ceramic shaft (See picture) and the hole it falls into - clean well.

    03. Wash all parts with clean fresh water.

    04. Re-assembel and use.

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