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Pond Construction
පැතුම් ලැයිස්තුවට එක් කරන්න
සංසන්දනය කිරීමට එකතු කරන්න
මෙම නිෂ්පාදනය ගැන විමසන්න

ප්රශ්නයක් අහන්න


Covers 160 sq. ft. (2 Coats)

AQUAFLEX  KS - 100X is an outstanding waterproofing solution, and probably the best option available in Sri Lanka at present.

What makes AQUAFLEX  KS - 100X unique is the addition of reinforced fiber particles to the waterproofing mix.  When AQUAFLEX  KS - 100X is correctly applied and cured, these fiber particles bond into a reinforcing net within the waterproofing. This reinforcing net radically enhances the bonding and strength of the waterproofing, as well as being an anti-cracking fiber within the waterproofing itself.  

AQUAFLEX  KS - 100X compares this property to 'Spider Silk' used in spider webs.


Surface Preparation

The surface on which AQUAFLEX  KS - 100X  must be thoroughly cleaned, ideally pressure washed. Inspect the surfaces thoroughly and check for holes, air pocket hollows, cracks and any other weak points. Use Water Plug  ZT - 106F

Once the surface is prepared, hose down and ensure the surface is clean - no grime or loose particles, absolutely smooth.

Prior to application, the surface must be damp, but not have any water on the surface

Preparing Water Plug AQUAFLEX  KS - 100X for Application

  1. Mixing Ratio - Liquid : Powder = 1: 2.77  (1 kg Liquid to 2.77 kgs Powder)
  2. Measure liquid into a mixing container / bucket
  3. Stir slowly while adding powder
  4. Stir for 3~5 minutes until the slurry is even and  free of agglomerates (unmixed lumps)
  5. Rest for 5 minutes before application
  6. Use a brush or scraper to evenly coat the surface
  7. The thickness of each layer should be maintained at 0.7~1.0mm.
  8. Two Applications - 2 'Coats' of AQUAFLEX  KS - 100X should applied on the surface
  9. One application must be vertically (up and down) and the other horizontally (sideways, from left to right)
  10. There must be a minimum cure time of 4 hours between applications

Curing time - 24 hours

Manufactured by:
Keshun Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd

Distributed in Sri Lanka by:
Speciality Construction Chemicals (Pvt) Limited 
186, Nawala Rd,Nawala.Sri Lanka.

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